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Announcement Module:

1. Community Admin (Special role given to Administration of Association either President, Secretory or any doctor suggested by Association) do announcement .

2.Community Admin Login 

3. Add Announcement , Form with field Tital , Short Discription and Detail will appear.

4. Fill form and click on save 

5. On saving all members are notifed  by 3 ways

  • SMS to Mobile : Short disription of announcemt is SMS to member's mobile (DND- Do not Disturb must not actived in member's mobile) .
  • Email:  All content of announcement will be EMail to Member's eamil address.
  • My Pages :  All Doctors on sign up given Pubic Pages where on announcement page he get this announcement entry. Only one account is needed to be member of more then one association membership. All Association Announcement will be displayed to doctor's Pages.